I'm Nadia & I love peppers 🌶
I also love the ocean, thrift-shopping, rearranging my furniture, and creating anti-boring designs for very interesting people. 😉

My work disregards industries, focusing instead on the people behind the brand. I work with soul-aligned creatives to help them confidently claim their space & develop a brand that celebrates everything that defines who they are.
About Me
I’m a life-long creative with a background in business management which heavily influences how I challenge my clients to think bigger than just building an online brand, but instead implement creative solutions that bleed into everyday life. I’ve spent 18 years in web and graphic design with a little bit of business management + strategy sprinkled in.

Myers-Briggs: INTJ
Enneagram type: 5
Kolbe: 7-5-2-6
Fav color: matte black
Fav word: absurd
Zodiac: Libra Sun ☼ , Scorpio Moon ☾, Virgo Rising ↑
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